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Shana Dean- Heart Weaving

Weaving has played an integral role in the lives of people from practically every culture and level of civilisation throughout time. Before we had written text, many communities used weaving to communicate about who they were, the environment around them and their connection to the spirit world, this practice is ongoing but sadly in many communities an extinct or endangered art form.

When I discovered the art of natural textile weaving, several years ago, it fed into my innate curiosity and genuine love of the natural world and the creative process. Weaving drew me into a sacred dance with nature, opening my eyes and heart with a forever deepening awareness of the world around me. It held me as I emotionally unpacked through severe grief, and supported me as I stitched my heart back together again to emerge whole once more. For this reason, I named my teaching practice ‘Heart Weaving’ … Weaving with love, from love and for the love of weaving.

As I sit and weave with plant fibre, manipulating it into a new form, it reveals to me of its strengths and limitations and through this silent sharing, we together fibre and I, determine its emerging shape. The question often occurs within me, does the artist create the weaving? Or does the weaving create the artist? I suspect it’s a combination of both.

This level of participation is a continual reminder of the deep long forgotten truths, that I am not a ‘keeper’ of the land on which I stand, I’m merely one strand in an unimaginably intricate woven vessel of ecology. Through the art of weaving, nature welcomes me back home, to the sacred space it holds for me, as it does for each and every one of us.